Friday, February 18, 2011


Giving up overtime!!! I can't believe I've been out here working this long and just now realizing how awesome it is to say NO to extra hours at work!! Day ONE of the fabulous weekend should be filled with laundry, cleaning out the car, maybe painting and doing scrapbook stuff but NOPE...that would involve energy and creativity. I'll be buying my boyfriend his birthday gift which he better TOTALLY LOVE or else... going to the movies and probably more shopping for clothes that I have absolutely no space for in my small studio apartment. OH WELL!! There is also the daily struggle of being homesick but, today is a "stay occupied and try not to think about it" day. What I missed most is family of course but also the laid-back, drop in anytime attitude that everyone has back home. You hear about southern hospitality all the time but you never realize how true it is until you live somewhere without it. I'm trying my best to convert this side of the country. I think so many people here are like myself, not from here, just trying to stay below the radar. That's no fun! Jason's offer got accepted on his house so that should be an interesting project to do together. I've already noticed how polar opposite our styles are, so my typical response is "yep it's YOUR MONEY!" ;)

Off to the movies....

p.s. officially addicted to iced coffee.... =(

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