Monday, November 3, 2014

Late night Shari's Date

It was a pretty long week for the Smith's but nothing that pie can't cure. This is what you have to look forward to when you are old and married kiddos. 😉 triple berry cobbler ala mode and sour cream lemon. 👍

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Winter is coming......

The thought of winter is always intimidating now that I live in the northwest but winter also means snow and snow is AWESOME. I would say that I'm still a beginne-mediate(?) snowboarder?! Haha. I can falling leaf and teapot/gorilla. (Thanks to Emily!) The worst part for me is getting on and off the ski-lift, it's the most terrifying thing that I have ever experienced EVER. My favorite part of snowboarding is going FAST but that comes with stopping fast and I don't quite have that part down yet. I just fall, it's great when there's powder, when it's icey.....not so much. When we went to Silver Mountain and Lookout (Idaho) in January, it was alot easier than the first time I went. I'm excited to see what slopes we visit this winter. Being on the side of a mountain is something that I can't really explain. It's like being on another planet, it's so magnificent. The smell of the trees, just how pure the air is. I LOVE IT!  I'm hoping to mark Mount Hood off of the list. I'M COMING FOR YOU BOLLAND'S! ;)

Silver Mountain Resort
Lookout Pass (probably my fave so far)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer of 2014

Whew, what a summer the Smith's have had! It's been wonderful, I love a busy summer friends! I have so many pictures to share and yet I can't muster up the energy to transfer that little tiny card into my computer and download. Let's recap shall we?! In no particular order.... 
1. I went back to the boot for Hunter's (my oldest baby...nephew) high school graduation. Wow.... Im starting to feel old. He had a fun party with all his classmates the week before and it was great catching up with the fam and all the parents that I've known my whole life. Why is that milestone so emotional?! 
🎶"You'll always be my baby." 🎶

2. Jason actually got to join myself and part of the family in Florida for vacation this year. We missed last year because of the wedding. No complaints! (Has it really been a year?!) We stayed in the heart of Destin in a condo with Mom. It was so crowded and not the usual low-key Ft. Walton vibe but we had a blast. Becca, John and the kiddos were there as well. I got sun burnt and the mother and the sister turned a beautiful shade of caramel. Shocker. What happened to my ability to tan? Darn you Pacific Northwest winters! Next summer we are hoping to rent a house near Miramar Beach so if you got the hook up Holla at me! I also got to see my good friend/cousin Sam and meet her boyfriend! They are so cute! It was a nice little surprise, it's been over five years! 

3. Jason and I decided to drive the Cascade highway the weekend of July 4th. It is only open during the summer so we knew this would be our only chance. More on that trip later..... It was incredible. 

4. Justin and Alicia had a baby shower this summer so we went to Portland to celebrate baby Mia and then a few weekends later we went to the Oregon coast to have their one year wedding celebration! They actually had a small wedding the weekend after ours in Portland and wanted to have a huge framily get together at the beach. What a great idea and we always have a blast with them. Justin's mom keeps us well fed, so that was a plus. Lincoln City is a "small" touristy town on the coast and I really don't know why we don't visit there more often. It's so relaxing and beautiful, only about five hours drive too. They rented a huge house one block from the beach. Perfection! We saw some elk, picked some wild blackberries (dewberries for those back home 😉) and strolled along the beach. The water was FREEZING but it's still the beach. Everyone should visit the Oregon coast at least once. 
and you can have fires on the beach! 

5. We decided last minute to catch a Mariners game a few weekends ago. Plus, any excuse to get to Seattle I'll take it! The atmosphere at a baseball game is always fun but Safeco is so beautiful. It's a great view from any section and on a sunny day and cloudless night you can't beat it. We watched LoMo and Cano hit a couple of bombs "aaaand the crowd went wiiiillllld"! The Sounders were also having a game so we got to see some of the fireworks as well. If you can imagine downtown was a little crazy but with Bug the city navigator it was a breeze. 😎 He took us to J+M(?) for a burger before the game. Y'all.... First, I'm a pretty picky person when it comes to a hamburger but this place is AMAZING! The bread...the meat...the fries....even the tartar sauce....the atmosphere is pretty cool too. It's right in the middle of Pioneer Square on the corner. GO AND DONT COME BACK UNTIL YOU'VE EATEN A BURGER! (Emily and I stumbled upon this place a year or so ago but it was at night and we couldn't remember the name. The burger was delicious then too.) 
It just so happened that the Washington state fair was going on too. Bug and Steph invited us along so we spent Saturday eating every fried food concoction you can think of even butter.... Yes Jason got fried butter. 😑 
Ava and Mia had a blast, they were both wearing little cowgirl boots, adorable! It was so fun! Many more Heimbigner-Smith trips to come! I took a ton of pics with my camera but is the only one I got on my phone. Can we say dimples?!  Cutie bear Mia! 
 On the way home from Seattle we stopped in Cle Elum at a butcher shop called Owens Meats for some beef jerky. Just do it.... Then thank me later. 

6. Jason and I finally booked our honeymoon! We are stoked! 51 days and we will be on the island of OAHU! 

So far that's all I can think of.... As always, Stay tuned! 



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More to come...

More adventures coming soon to be documented with my new pancake lens.... Are yall excited?? I am.

Any advice for this sort of lens is appreciated!!

 I'm so thankful the weather is finally warming up. I thought I was going to go crazy from cabin fever around here! I love snow but MAN, it was getting old! (Jason advises me not to drive in it, so in turn.... I'm at home watching the Olympics OVER AND OVER) The snow left and then came the wind. Joy.... not!

Just an update on life.....
1. I'm still unemployed. Barf.
2. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day. (mostly my fault because I despise the holiday) We decided on a whim to get out of the house Friday because Jason finally got off before bedtime and we started driving. Side note: for those of you in the south, be thankful the sun is out most of the day because here in the northwest it get's PITCH BLACK at 4ish after the time change. Back to the story, the sun is finally staying out longer and we were pretty excited, another reason for the drive. We ended up in Prosser wine tasting, ate some appetizers at the local pub and headed home. Perfect evening that just so happen landed on Valentine's day.
3. I finally got my WA plates for the Lancer-a-lot today. Oops. =)
4. I changed the layout of the blog..yall like it?
5. I'm excited about my trip to the Boot in May, I hope I see all of you!
6. As you know, I got a new lens from Amazon. I really love Amazon. You really can't beat their prices. Did I mention I love Amazon?! ;) It's a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens. (I'm still learning what all of that means.) I really wanted a lens that wasn't really bulky. I don't like standing out when we travel (who knew?)  and when you pull out a big honkin' lens it is really distracting. Plus, I knew if we had something small that Jason would use it more. You would call that a I love sharing all of our travels with all 5 of you who read this blog and I'm looking forward to all the pictures we take with it.  Life is fun.  
7. We went to eat at a local Asian restaurant the other night. I told Jason we needed to take more pictures of each other.
You can tell he was pretty keen on the idea.

B. My turn
Jason: "Can you smile without showing all of your teeth?"
Me: "How was that? I feel like an idiot!"
Jason and Ashley in unison : "BAHAHAHAH, yeah not doing that anymore"
C. Some of you may know all ready but Jason has a "small" allergy to peanuts or things that are made with peanut oil. Nothing serious, his nose just starts itching on the end and it's really irritating. Well, while we were eating the other night, I noticed that a red ring started forming on his nose. The picture really doesn't do it justice yall. IT WAS A PERFECT CIRCLE, SO STRANGE! Poor thing.... I hope his allergy doesn't get worse. (Thanks Dr. Harvey... you know who you are lol)
Poor little Jason the red-nosed man child! (Nickname courtesy of Nicky)

That's all for now.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Bayou Christmas 2013

What an exciting seven days it has been! We left last Thursday and heading to "the Boot" for Freeman Christmas in Lake Charles. Being home is always awesome even though it is VERY BUSY, it is worth it. I got to see ALL of my babies which was great! I can't believe how cold it was. Jason got to experience his first Christmas Mardi Gras boat parade. HAHA People act a tad crazy when it comes to Mardi Gras beads, some adults even fight over them with children. (SHARON) ;) Dad beat Jason in ping pong and it was hilarious. We exchanged gifts and all things were merry and bright. We headed to Aunt Vicki's on Sunday, besides a mishap with a state trooper and a small rectangled piece of paper with signatures on the bottom and two closed roads WE FINALLY MADE IT. Aunt Vicki won Jason over with her shrimp and grits. We exchanged gifts again and I got what I wanted and Jason got his gift stolen by Uncle Tom. Hilarious! It was great to see everyone and all the kids running around and loving each other was nice. Jason and I talked a few times about how blessed we are in ALL aspects of our life. I'm thankful that Jason has transitioned so smoothly into our family because let's be never know! We had Waffle House on Monday morning with Mom, Dad, Cort, Wes and AJ!!! It was great! I love being in town when she is home from Italy. Monday evening we headed to the airport after a stop at Bass Pro of course! (I picked up some AWESOME SOCKS that are fleece lined and perfect for the cold weather at work!) We returned our car and of course our flight was delayed until WEDNESDAY! Um no thank you! We finally figured out that we could leave the next day on a different airline. This is the fourth time in a row that United has delayed our flights by one day. Unacceptable. They paid for our hotel and gave us some food vouchers but still, if we don't work we don't get paid! Ya know! We made it home Tuesday night annnnnnd our pipes were frozen in our house. BUMMER! I just wanted to shower so BAD! We tried to warm the pipes under the house for two days and then Jason decided to check the main water valve and AHHHHHHH! It's frozen over and then within five minutes it's gushing all over the yard. (Reminder: it's about 15 ish degrees outside.) Poor Jason had to reach down in the manhole in about two and a half feet of water and turn the water off. Thank goodness he has long arms. We called the City of Kennewick and they were at our house within about an hour and it was all good! SO THANKFUL FOR WATER! It's my second week at my new job and it's going smooth. It should last for about a year or so. Jason and I are still trying to plan our honeymoon and neither one of us is very good at making decisions. Lol. Hopefully that will happen soon. I'm so excited to go to the beach!! Yippee!  Both of us can't believe we are married, married life is pretty cool. I keep trying to plan wedding stuff in my head and then....oh it already happened. It was a blast, all of Jason's friends coming down and meeting my friends.... It could not have turned out any better.

More to come....


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