Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun Day Friday

Currently sitting at my favorite coffee shop with my other half. (cute family sitting in the corner little boy teaching his mama how to play chess)  He is slaving away with his work stuff, so dedicated. After stalking blogs for the past couple of days, I've been most inspired by Ree, this lady is great. I would love to meet her one day. She is so creative, loves her family and God, oh her dog Charlie. So funny.

MUST DO TO DO (before Monday):

  • clean out car/wash/get oil changed -disgusting
  • do all laundry
  • make supper list for next week
  • organize closets
  • make Goodwill donation bag (try really hard to cut the emotional attachment that I have with tshirts)
  • go antiquing in Walla Walla
  • take some fun pictures
  • figure out how to use awesome printer that I bought
  • buy plane ticket home to surprise family ;)
  • start scrapbook (stay away from HOBBY LOBBY)
  • get new tires/windshield wipers
  • look for J a house
  • get rid of earache
That seems like enough. I'm already worn out, for now I'll just keep sitting in this warm coffee shop because the wind chill outside right no is -1 degree. EEWWW!!! (and making funny faces at Jason while he's not looking) 

прощание (goodbye)

-trying to learn Russian, please be patient

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