Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's about that time.

I have disappointed myself. All I have to do is blog once a day...LAMO! On to the exciting stuff
  • I'm getting my job taken away from me September 29th, I never imagined what this would feel like. Of course, all of us have those mornings when you wake up and say "GOOD GRIEF I wish I could just get paid to stay at home and do nothing." Sure, I would love to be lazy and do nothing but I LOVE my job and my coworkers. They have supported me the last two years living 2500 miles away from home, educated me in all areas of health physics and put up with my temper tantrums that were probably uncalled for. I'm gonna miss those guys.
  • J put an offer in on a house last week. SUPER AWESOME YARD!! I'm really excited for him, searching for a home has not been easy here. Praying it goes through this time, he deserves it!! (Plus I have lots of things I want to buy at IKEA, he's totally footing the bill....TOTALLY!! ;)!) 
    • btw he's fishing with his dad and brother right now and I'm extremely jealous
  • Traveling for work?? I know couples that have done this and it has not been easy. Am I ready for this?  Is J willing to do it? Will it be worth it? Being away from him and Louisiana is going to be TOUGHxTWO, and I thought this was hard.
  • Speaking of Louisiana, I miss my babies. (Hunter-Trenten-Maddie-Max-Landry) =_( this leading to the recent thought.... I don't want kids. It's so sad to see them grow up. blah...
  • I had an amazing childhood. (Yeah my parents getting divorced sucked but, life was still pretty awesome)
  • I have amazing/hilarious friends.
  • I have lost my creativity spark, this has to be fixed soon. 
  • I bought a workout video box set and have only watched it twice. Unacceptable....
  • I really need to get rid of most of my wardrobe. (maybe I'll fly Nicky up here, she's really good at throwing my stuff away, like one time she told me to go to Sonic to get drinks and when I came back there were three Hefty garbage bags filled on the porch)
  • I miss her.
  • Last but not least, my manfriend is amazing. He's thoughtful, loving, kind, selfless, lazy (which totally works out), takes me to Bonefish Grill, and he loves me. He gets more and more handsome every time I see him and it's sickening how much I love him too. (I told him this, he did not take it as a compliment, weird)
What else you say?
      We have been super busy lately, we went to San Juan Islands which turned out to be INCREDIBLE! Ferry's are alot faster than you would think. I went on family vacation to Florida and got to see some old friends and family. (my life would not be the same without the Schimmel's, love yall) 
      SIDENOTE: My neighbor's daughter has a miniature hot pink scooter and I swear it's the cutest sight on       this earth, she just rode by on it. LOL
Back to earth, HAVE I MENTIONED I'M OBSESSED WITH IKEA??? Don't look or you will be too but, here's the link in case you are curious. I've been thinking about Anger Management therapy. (no seriously) I have not tried to harm anyone or myself but GOOD LORD knows I've thought about it. The smallest things just seem to IRK the tar out of me, maybe it's just patience that I need. Last time I prayed for that I split my leg wide open, had to get a tetanus shot and my favorite Bible fell into 500 pieces. (literally every page came off the bind, you ABC camp attendees remember) I miss going on mission trips, it was so fun. There is no other feeling in the world than helping others who truly appreciate it. Maybe I'll take this time away from work and volunteer.... I've accomplished a few things today and they are as follows:
  1. updated my resume and sent it in to a nuclear industry agency (cross your toes)
  2. clipped coupons
  3. had an espresso with three shots....HOLY COW!! my brain won't stop
  4. turned down wakeboarding with two friends (refer to number 1 and 5) =(
  5. unpacked from my trip a week ago
    1. this just reminded me to email the couple I met on my flight some recipes, they were so sweet. Flying to Seattle to catch a cruise to Alaska. Too cute... HEY MR. and MRS. Tubbs!!
I'm rambling.... Oh well, maybe my creative spark is back. I'll post pics from my trips soon. I'll end with an interesting quote.
"Strangers are exciting, their mystery never ends. But, there is nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends."
Ani DiFranco

I need to work on my grammar,
 I'll add it to the bucket list.
 Hey, I only deal with pictures and numbers at work, 
get off my back.

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