Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lucky girl.... Those two words are the best I can find to describe my life right now. I got to spend the better part of a month with my best friend in Florida. I LOVE YOU NICKY! I am so proud of all she has accomplished in life. She is such a big girl now. I flew back in to the Boot last Saturday and have been going ever since. I love being able to start right back with hometown friends like I never left. I hope that never changes. I'm excited for all the new babies that are here and coming soon in our group. (happy for them, equally glad it's not me....yet) Mama moved to Ruston, getting used to her living in the "big city" HAHA! Her house is so cute! I can't wait to see the rest of the family and for Jason to come visit in a couple of weeks. I hope he has a good time. Sometimes entertaining an outsider can be quite difficult. Thoughts about the future of my career is weighing on my mind. Is this what I want to do forever? Should I go back to school? ............. What the heck am I gonna be when I grow up?! The good Lord is looking out, that's all that matters at this point... Sushi with some of the ole Green Clinic girls tonight, really excited to catch up.

(I really wish I could blog easily from my phone. I would be alot better about this.)


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