Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My walk about has started....

Wow, life is crazy eh?! I'm in Florida visiting Nicky and Derrick. Really? I don't really know when I'm going to leave. NO WAY?! Is it normal to have conversations while typing?! Oh well.

JASON FINALLY GOT HIS KEYS TO THE HOUSE!! I wish I could have been there for it, missing him so much. 36 more days until he comes to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. My family and friends are so excited to spend time with him and so am I of course.

I hope to be in New Orleans the beginning of November to visit Landrum. EXCITING!! The weather will be awesome. Nothing really to talk about... I really want an iPad, will most likely never happen because I hate spending money and now that I'm unemployed BUDGET is KEY! ;)

Updates of ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION soon. (Nickel and D have been working so it's not that they aren't a blast, just being normal adults....ya know going to bed on time, not partying on a weeknight....things like that.) Also this three hour difference really has me screwed up. It's 1030 Pacific and 130 Eastern... CRAZYINESS. I'm wide awake! I slept until dinner today. (Lunch to you, Washingtonians.) RIDICULOUS!

......this post is disappointingly bland..... YUCK

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