Monday, September 10, 2012

It's that time of year again.

February-got an interim job as a Industrial Hygiene technician; it was fun I knew everyone at the work site but long hours

May-got called back as an Health Physics technician at a new company; the work itself is fun (mad scientists and all their crazy experiments) but I dont feel like I would like this place long term, not that I really have a choice. Ever since my first day they put my training on the back burner and FINALLY TODAY THEY DID MY ORAL BOARD INTERVIEW AND I PASSED YAY!

Here comes the bad/could be good news: After all of the back and forth training bullcrap, I find out Thursday if I'm getting laid off again. Bahumbug, I'm hoping I get called back to the company I was originally with. The situation is very confusing. We will see.

Since last post: Jason and I have been trying to contain this wild yard of ours. I miss living in an apartment where I didn't have to deal with it. We bought a washer and dryer finally and THEEEEN "we" broke it sort of. I put a rug in it and then Jason broke the safety latch and now it won't start. Back to the laundrymat for annoying. I went to Colorado snow skiing with Mama Becca John Max and Landry, they loved the snow so much. I miss them more everyday. A couple of weeks ago we went back to Louisiana to visit for a few days and then to Florida for a week. I was nice to see everyone and all the babies growing up. There is never enough time when I go back, maybe one day it will be for good. I miss my Mama and Daddy. :( Maddie painted an eyeball on Jason's big toenail. Haha "That's the biggest toenail I've ever seen; you could paint a portrait on it." (in her cute country accent) Hunter and Trenten aren't little boys anymore, growing so fast. Ellie is going to outgrow the whole Burris clan and Mollie is a redhead! FINALLY!! So cute... Chandler and Jax are so big! Jax is most likely going to play for the Florida Gators before we know it. (that his parents favorite team FYI) He sang the "out of goldfish" blues song and it made my year. I miss you Cortney! Sophia is a super diva and beautiful. Keegan is just about the sweetest Lil boy...nothing like his mama. ;) I wish I could have brought him home with me. The beach was awesome, all of us got burnt except Melanie. We took them out to the Melting Pot, now they know. Howl at the Moon piano bar was hilarious, mom got on stage and they sang to her. *insert explicit song here
I know this was a bit random but such is life. Until next time peeps...

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