Thursday, January 24, 2013


2012 had to have been the most amazing year yet....
Jason popped the question!! He is so sweet, I could not have found a partner in life/crime more perfect than this guy. He is so great! I've been busy planning this wedding! What a chore! I never imagined I'd plan one 2500 miles away. I have an incredible MAMA, she is the best. I'm so excited for J's friends and family to come down and visit/eat! =) I hope all of you give them a warm Louisiana welcome.

I really need to get better at this blog thing.

I bought a really nice camera for Christmas, I should probably load some pics on here. I have been stalking alot of fashion and decor blogs. For what?! Just to wear my jeans and tshirt to work again haha! Jason and I are still really picky about hanging things on our walls. My spring cleaning vibe hit me in the middle of December. I can't wait to have a garage sale when the weather gets warmer. (maybe a few dollars towards the wedding will be made) I've been really hit with a weird "Let's move somewhere we've never been!" idea. Jason does not play along.

I lost all train of thought that I had when I started this..........

Gotta go check on the tri-tip in the crockpot.


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