Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spontaneous roadtrip....

Yesterday, I got up at 730 and decided...I gotta get out of here! Sometimes I feel trapped here in eastern Washington. Jason admitted the other day that he feels the same way every now and then. Not being used to the terrain has alot to do with it. The open land with sagebrush looks "undeveloped", like someone cut down all the trees to build something and then left.... Well that's the problem, there were never any trees to begin with. It's the desert...huff. Also I think that it's because you can see for miles and miles and miles and miles.... and a change in scenery is just what a little Louisiana girl needs. We also live in a city surrounded by three rivers and a few "mountains". (I call them mountains but the locals do not. They are just HUGE HILLS that do not have roads on them.) Therefore, you can't just take a backroad and see where it takes you because like I said before you can see for miles so nothing is ever a surprise or you get to a dead end from the river being in the way or at the bottom of a "mountain". This leads to my adventure. Once you get an hour or so out of town south, the Columbia river opens up and there are a couple of beautiful ridges. The north side of the river is Washington and the south Oregon. Make sure you have your car filled up because you can get stranded, there is a stretch on the north side without gas for 85 miles. I had to turn around yesterday and head back to a town called Rufus and fill the ole Lancer-a-lot up. I headed to Portland and took a few pics on my way there and back. I was mainly headed to IKEA to get a bed only to get there and the package did not fit in my car. Ugh... Don't get me wrong you never leave that store empty handed or with a frown. Here are a few pics from my trip. (Most of them taken from the driver's seat while in motion... It's been fun playing around with my new camera.) Back to watching this stupid Pretty Little Liars show.... Can someone just tell me what happens? Do they ever figure out who A is? I've thought it was Jenna the whole time...just sayin'

John Day dam I think, there are a few on the way....

The "decks" are only allowed for the Indians to use for fishing.

Mount Hood, she's beautiful. It's always unreal when I get to see a mountain. 

yay trees

Multnomah Falls 

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This is Mary Hill Museum. I thought this pic turned out pretty creepy. They were closed by the time I got there.  I'm sure I'll be back again this summer. They have peacocks that run around and you can go inside which I have not done yet. 

The rest of these pictures were taken from Stonehenge

This is Side-Show Bill, Fred's new friend.

*None of these pics are edited they were all taken with my  Canon Rebel T3i.

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