Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey peeps! Jason and I decided to meet our friends Matt and Emily  (married; will be at the wedding; yall come meet them. They are cute and fun.) at the Cool Desert Nights Car Show last weekend. There were over 700 entries. I've never attended so I thought maybe I should support the community. ;) Matt was helping judge so he really did not get to browse with us until the end but his dad, Charlie, walked around with us and taught us lots of fun things about the cars. I think he was speaking German. We ate delicious food truck food and had sno-cones. It was a glorious blue sky day.

 One of Emily's students was selling his car (below) it was pretty cool. He did most of the work himself and the top lifted up for you to get in! I hope he sold it.

 This car's interior was SO CLEAN it looked like it was made out of marshmallows. ^

 This creamy yellow Ford Falcon was my favorite car there.
 This car was redone to hide the extra seats. The back lifts up to expose the seats in case you want to cruise with friends.
 This was Emily's favorite car! It is so cute! I would ride around with her.

 I wanted all of these snowmobiles to ride around in all the ......sand??? They were fun.

 Heeeeeey good lookin' hows the weather up there?! ;)

 They were going to have a parade with all the winners in each category but we didn't really want to wait on it so we just went to where they were lined up and got to see them up close up and personal! Way better!
 So fresh and so clean clean... No really all the cars were soooooo clean. Amazing...

 Then we found it.... (Hey there is Em, trying to get it...haha..not really) This bus was not in the car show but it was for sale and WE NEED IT! We have our own reasons....we just need it okay people! Needless to say it's still for sale for $5000. Cute.

I loved how this picture turned out. That is the owner of the car wiping the dust off of his baby. (I should have got his name.) The flames on this were phenomenal. I wish yall could have seen it in person. So there ya have it. We are trying to squeeze in some fun when we can. I'm still looking for a job and getting things ready for the WEDDING, keeps me busy! This weekend we are heading to Portland for Justin and Alicia's engagement party. (They will also be at the wedding! Super fun...) Then on Monday..... I GET MY WASHER AND DRYER! Y'all I was actually dancing and doing a big ole jig in Home Home Depot parking the truck on the way home...and then when we got home and I danced and skipped up and down the hallways and in the yard. Siggghhhhhhhhhh.... I hope they work. Haha....

Today marks officially one month until the BIG DAY! I'm so excited! I know everything will come together and I can't wait to be home again. Until next time...

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