Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More to come...

More adventures coming soon to be documented with my new pancake lens.... Are yall excited?? I am.

Any advice for this sort of lens is appreciated!!

 I'm so thankful the weather is finally warming up. I thought I was going to go crazy from cabin fever around here! I love snow but MAN, it was getting old! (Jason advises me not to drive in it, so in turn.... I'm at home watching the Olympics OVER AND OVER) The snow left and then came the wind. Joy.... not!

Just an update on life.....
1. I'm still unemployed. Barf.
2. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day. (mostly my fault because I despise the holiday) We decided on a whim to get out of the house Friday because Jason finally got off before bedtime and we started driving. Side note: for those of you in the south, be thankful the sun is out most of the day because here in the northwest it get's PITCH BLACK at 4ish after the time change. Back to the story, the sun is finally staying out longer and we were pretty excited, another reason for the drive. We ended up in Prosser wine tasting, ate some appetizers at the local pub and headed home. Perfect evening that just so happen landed on Valentine's day.
3. I finally got my WA plates for the Lancer-a-lot today. Oops. =)
4. I changed the layout of the blog..yall like it?
5. I'm excited about my trip to the Boot in May, I hope I see all of you!
6. As you know, I got a new lens from Amazon. I really love Amazon. You really can't beat their prices. Did I mention I love Amazon?! ;) It's a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Lens. (I'm still learning what all of that means.) I really wanted a lens that wasn't really bulky. I don't like standing out when we travel (who knew?)  and when you pull out a big honkin' lens it is really distracting. Plus, I knew if we had something small that Jason would use it more. You would call that a I love sharing all of our travels with all 5 of you who read this blog and I'm looking forward to all the pictures we take with it.  Life is fun.  
7. We went to eat at a local Asian restaurant the other night. I told Jason we needed to take more pictures of each other.
You can tell he was pretty keen on the idea.

B. My turn
Jason: "Can you smile without showing all of your teeth?"
Me: "How was that? I feel like an idiot!"
Jason and Ashley in unison : "BAHAHAHAH, yeah not doing that anymore"
C. Some of you may know all ready but Jason has a "small" allergy to peanuts or things that are made with peanut oil. Nothing serious, his nose just starts itching on the end and it's really irritating. Well, while we were eating the other night, I noticed that a red ring started forming on his nose. The picture really doesn't do it justice yall. IT WAS A PERFECT CIRCLE, SO STRANGE! Poor thing.... I hope his allergy doesn't get worse. (Thanks Dr. Harvey... you know who you are lol)
Poor little Jason the red-nosed man child! (Nickname courtesy of Nicky)

That's all for now.

Don't forget to check out my instagram closet! @closetofsmash  Email me if you have any questions. I tried to put a slideshow up on the sidebar but with two pictures...yeah it's not really a slideshow. HAHA! I'll be posting more on there soon. Spread the word friends!


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