Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well it came and went just like any other day..... September 29, 2011

Having a "last day" usually means exciting things, last day before an awesome vacation or a last day before summer vacation when you are younger, maybe even a last day before you move all the way across the country by yourself for a new job..... But this last day, TOTALLY SUCKED!! I held  all of my emotions together like most of you know that I can do but when I got in my car to drive down to the local watering hole, my eyes started tearing up and I had to FIGHT IT because if the guys saw the glassy eyes I WOULD NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT!! I've never really explained what it is that I do so here it goes. When all the mad scientists got together back in the day and decided to make atomic bombs they had ALOT of waste from the chemistry labs. They thought the best thing to do with it was bury it in the ground....DUH! I accompany heavy equipment operators, laborers, pipefitters, industrial hygiene technicians and all sorts of other crafts as we dig these nasty things up out of the ground. I sat back and thought about it the other day and it's pretty darn cool!! I know that if I am just patient and let the Lord do what he wants to do He will take care of me. (not so easy mind you) Check this out if you are curious. 

Enough about all that, ugh so tired of it! I'm packing all my stuff up soon as I get away from this and Pinterest I will pack. I have so many clothes it is ridiculous. It's amazing what you can fit in a studio apartment. Jason closes on his house Thursday SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! Lots of fun things coming soon and more free time so maybe more posts.... 

Have a great week!

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